Sunday Service, February 13, 2005
Sunday Service, February 13, 2005

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Discourse: The White Fire Core of Godís Love delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Saint Germain: How To Become An Adept of Love delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded February 13, 2005

The white-hot shield of God's Love is ever and always the background for all of life around you. As you become acquainted with this Love, you understand its great Power, for the Love of the Godhead trumps all other considerations - all crisis and limitation in your world are superceded by the very personal Devotion which your God Presence has for you! The Love of God wills good to all of Life, for this Love in incapable of creating anything less than its own inherent nature. As you learn to draw down the Love of God, you find that the Abundant Life comes along with it in all its Perfection as one of the signets of the Ascended Master Way of Life. You are invited to join the society of the Ascended Masters, communing with them in the giving and receiving and multiplication of this Love, intended to multiply the seed of God Good which is the Perfection of your God Identity.

In this celebration of Valentine's Day, Saint Germain extends to you not only the great Love of his Heart, but also his great Wisdom to help you understand the Perfection of Love. Stating that regardless of where Love is sought, that search will end with the Love of the I AM, for all else passes away, Saint Germain urges you to desire the Love of God. Asking "Will you give sway to human will and desires, or to the great stream of God Love coming forth from Alpha and accepted back by Omega?", he instructs you to expand the Love of your God Presence pouring from your Heart. Through this giving, you will understand Joy. And when you enter into a non-judgmental attitude, you will understand Freedom, allowing it not only for yourself, but for others. Your thoughts and emotions are to register your Edenic Blueprint - and the quicker you can embrace the Law of your Being, the quicker you will outpicture your Christhood.