Sunday Service, February 6, 2005
Sunday Service, February 6, 2005

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Dictation by Beloved God Tabor: God Tabor: Preparation for the Incarnate Lifestream delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded February 6, 2005

God Tabor, Chohan of the Fifth Secret Ray, teaches you the importance of striving with Constancy back to God's Heart. He instructs that you must prepare daily for your conscious awareness to expand, to no longer let your physical awareness limit what you will allow your God Presence to accomplish. He urges you to push back all negativity, to listen to your inner voice, and to return to the pristine vibration of the I AM, calling it into your vehicles in Constancy - whereby you build a momentum of invocation in rhythmic pattern. By the rhythmic release of Light in Constancy, you establish momentum that can wear down mountains of adversity. This harmonic flow of the rhythmic release of the Constancy of God's Life flowing through you will reorder all things in your life. God Tabor encourages you to approach each day with anticipation of all that God has for you; of new lessons to be learned and opportunity to stand, face, conquer and be the I AM Presence in Action!