Going Home
Going Home

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Going Home to the Land of the White Fire Sun

The Temple of The Presence presents Discourses and Dictations from the Ascended Masters which re-introduce your true Home - Nirvana, the Edenic "Land of Light" from where all descended and to where all eventually return

2004 New Year's Conference held in Tucson, Arizona, December 31, 2003 - January 4, 2004

In the New Year's Conclave of 2004, the Ascended Masters created a "Heaven on Earth" so that you could re-experience the Perfect Peace of the Blissful Realms of Fiery White Light. Re-enter this Secret Place of the Most High and float on the Great Sea of Limitless Light. Feel Eternity and unconditional Love within Its Waves! Learn the techniques to HARNESS THE IMMENSE POWER OF NIRVANA HERE AND NOW to bring every Good and Perfect Gift of God into your life!