Ecce Deus
Ecce Deus

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Behold, The God-Realized Man

Introductory Instruction on the Fundamentals of the Ascended Master Teachings

Recorded in Chelsea, Vermont, August 1 - 3, 2003

Ecce Deus! Behold the God-Realized Man and the God-Realized Woman! This is your Destiny! This is the blueprint of your True Identity preserved within the Heart and Mind of God since Eternity. And this DVD audio file album of the inaugural outreach module of The Temple of The Presence, delivered by Carolyn Louise Shearer and Monroe Julius Shearer, presents the understanding you need to become the real you and to fulfill your Divine Destiny.

Enter into the embrace of the Ascended Masters and experience the Life that awaits only your summoning it forth from the depths of your desiring.