Sunday Service, February 18, 2001
Sunday Service, February 18, 2001

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Dictation by Beloved El Morya: The Will of God is Truly Good: Call it Forth in Your Life delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded February 18, 2001

You have gone through every experience possible in your many incarnations. You have contacted the Vibration of the Ascended Masters and want to see where it will lead. You are ready for a new awareness of life. As you become more familiar with Cosmic Law you begin to see where your shortcomings have gotten you into trouble in the past. Up until now your past experiences have been your co-measurement but now the Ascended Masters present a new co-measurement of action and Vibration. Without the Will of God things often do not get completed and there is a sense of disappointment and lack of confidence. When you engage in service that helps others and expands the heart into life you balance karma. There is a sense of direction. When the Ascended Masters release their light into an action it goes precisely to the target without wavering. Some life streams do not know how to engage in the Will of God, they have allowed the will of others to dominate them.

Co-measurement and discipline are essential keys in knowing the Will of God. When you go out in the world and rub up against other life streams you are exposed to all manner of pollution. You must then go before your altar to reconnect with your God Presence and the Will of God. You cannot have God Victory if you canít hold to your God Presence. This is also the way to bring in the Golden Age. If the vibration of the Ascended Master consciousness was not present on the altar of the heart, there would be no recognition. This is the spark that will light the fires that will lead to the Ascension. Every word and action should contain the fire of the heart, then you will come to know who you are and none will be able to dissuade you.

I, El Morya, desire to be the guiding light for all those who desire to exhibit the Will of God in their lives. I trust you will uphold your end of the responsibility.