Conclave Dictation, October 7, 2000
Conclave Dictation, October 7, 2000

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Dictation by Beloved Saint Germain: Violet Flame Multiplied by 1000 Dispensation delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded October 7, 2000

Saint Germain stands ready to expand the Violet Flame for all who would receive it to lift the burden and weight of human effluvia: superstitions of old religions and prejudices that prevent the lightbearers from becoming the Christ and expanding the Truth of the Law. We must train ourselves, ingest and digest the Law, giving it forth from our Threefold Flame in brotherhood and tolerance, becoming a Torch and the Flame of Love and true Charity. As we give the calls to Saint Germainís Flame, the Violet Flame Angels will multiply them by the Power of a Thousand for the next 60 days. The Call for the Middle East is given to assist the Violet Flame Angels entering into the earthís conflicts. Instruction on the habit of gossip: our Activity must have no gossip! For only as the Christ can we elevate our consciousness and mankindís. Finally, he instructs us on the plans for expansion of The Temple of the Presence by moving to Tucson, fulfilling the Brotherhoodís correct timetables and cycles, now and in the future. Invoke the Violet Flame! Hold fast to this opportunity! Align with your God Presence for many are awaiting our Gifts.