Conclave Discourse, October 4,2000
Conclave Discourse, October 4,2000

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Discourse: Building the Coil of God Desire delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Audio file recorded October 4, 2000

Whenever the Ascended Masters come, we share in their God Consciousness of Victory and Eternal Life. This Substance of Immortal Life is in the Heart of your Electronic Body. The key is being able to contain and ultimately infuse this currency of Life into your physical form. Qualitatively, the Light the Ascended Masters draw upon is identical to the Light you draw upon. However, there is an infinite variety and range of the appropriation of that Light. Moment by moment, there is the conveyance into your world, from the Heart and Consciousness of your God Presence, of the Substance of your Presence. Until the electrons are shrouded over with misqualified substance, they continue to radiate the Substance of your Presence. Your own receptivity determines whether that Light retains the charge of the Sacredness of your Presence or it gets covered over with the mundane. As you ingest the Life and Substance of your Presence and no longer turn the voltage down into the human range, that very transfer produces the miracle of Eternal Life. When you take into your four lower bodies the Vibration of your own Holy Christ Presence and preserve it there, it becomes part of your nature. The reunification with the Holy Christ Presence is an indispensible stage that must come prior to the Ascension.