Sunday Service, February 27, 2000
Sunday Service, February 27, 2000

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Discourse: The Fifth Lower Body Allows Repose delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by the Beloved Maha Chohan: Hear The One Voice delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded February 27, 2000

Repose is a very important Quality of Mastery and overcoming. Repose is the calm, eternal sense of being able to look upon the dancing waves of maya — whether that maya relates to your life or to the entire world — and nonetheless remain in the self-possession of your God Identity and your Mastery of that God Identity, looking at life through the Divine Eyes of the Eternal. Repose is already native to your Presence and Christ Self. As your Christ Self is able to fully integrate and take its rightful place of Mastery and Dominion over your four lower bodies, you will have this sublime Ascended Master Quality of Repose, and instead of having the four lower bodies of the outer man and his ways, you will have “five lower bodies”: not merely will your four lower bodies be acting as one integrated individuality, but your Christ Self and your four lower bodies will work as One.

The Maha Chohan provides you the opportunity to commune with his Heart as it radiates the Seven Rays, plus the God Qualities of your own Presence. This action allows the Essence of all of the Seven Rays to flow through your very vehicles and to permit the Christ Consciousness to permeate your cell structure with the Vibration of Ascended Master Consciousness. This Great Lord instructs you on recognizing the inner Voice of your Christ Self and following that Tone of the Soundless Sound past the lesser human identity back to the Core of your True God Identity. He reminds you that to entertain less than the highest ideal for your own lifestream denies God’s existence. Upon hearing this Release, the Karmic Board invites you to petition them to adjudicate all that keeps you from responding to this Tone of your Identity. Allow the Karmic Board to assess your life so that you will have the greatest opportunity to understand what you must commit to the Violet Flame — what you are not allowing into your world from your Presence that would elevate your consciousness, accelerate your vibration, and facilitate engagement with your Christ Self.