Lovers of Life
Lovers of Life

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Ascended Master Teachings to Infuse You with the Invigorating Light of Immortal Life

2004 Harvest Conference held in Tucson, Arizona, September 22-26, 2004

The Ascended Masters are the world’s Lovers of Life par excellence. To listen to their releases is to become infused with the invigorating Radiation, the vitalizing Life Force of their Immortal Presences! Recorded during The Temple of the Presence’s Harvest Conclave 2004, the Ascended Masters touch the blazing torches of their Heart Flames to your Heart, firing you with their passionate Love, Zeal and Enthusiasm for God Life — the true “Good Life” leading to your own Immortality in the joyous Victory of your Ascension!

Have years and decades of past experience taken their toll on your youthful outlook on life? Feeling blah about the Path? Unsure of your prospects after your retirement years are finally over? You may have iron-poor willpower and anemic hope sapping your life. You need an infusion of Liquid Light distilled just for you by the Ascended Master Lovers of Life to kick-start your Divine Plan back into high gear!