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Canít Attend in Person? Streaming Video is the Next Best Thing!

Participate in the upcoming quarterly Conclave, live and in real time from The Temple of The Presence! While you can still take advantage of free, streaming, audio broadcasts, you now have the opportunity to register for the streaming video events of the entire quarterly Conclave for $200 per person or, if you wish, receive single day events for $50 per person. It is almost like sitting just feet away from the Ascended Masters as they deliver their Discourses and Dictations!

Registration fees help offset some of the expenses associated with producing Conferences and support the ongoing Mission of The Temple around the world. Registration is a per person, not per computer, fee ó the same as given by those participating in person at Morya House. Please practice the Cosmic Honor Flame as you attend the Ascended Master's Conference!

After your online order is processed, you will be e-mailed login credentials that will give you access to the video broadcasts you have selected. You will also have access to video replays of every session you have registered for. The replay of each session will be posted shortly after the end of the session and will remain online for two weeks following the last day of Acropolis. Maintain your normal routine and watch the replays when you return from work or school. Audio replays will be available to all as usual, but video replays will be reserved for those who register.

Please register at least 24 hours in advance to ensure enough time for your order to be processed.

Note: This order page is only for individuals who are not yet Torch Bearers of The Temple of The Presence. If you are a Torch Bearer, you must register for the Live Conference Video using the Torch Bearer Conference Video Registration Page.