Conclave Events, October 9, 1998
Conclave Events, October 9, 1998

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Discourse: Covenant With Your Holy Christ Self and Release the Treasure House of Your Causal Body delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by the Beloved Goddess of Light: Follow the Thread of the Sound of Light delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded October 9, 1998

This treasure-packed Discourse on the Causal Body will inspire you to take action to tap the Abundant Life and Limitless Light held in trust by your Holy Christ Self. Explained are the actions and Service of the Causal Body; why “to them that hath, shall more be added;” and the establishment of the Pathway of the Flame, which is created in the same way lightening strikes, and how your Call is the creating of this Pathway; also the significance of how the Buddhic Oneness of Life begins to take place through a continuum when your individuality meets Totality in the melting of your Causal Body at its outer periphery into the Great Sea of Universal Light; how you set all of this in motion with sound; and how when your God Presence takes the Light it is receiving from the Great Central Sun and plays all of the notes of the Causal Body as one tremendous chord, every part of the Causal Body is instantly activated, and like an avalanche coming off a mountain, it acts impersonally. Once transferred into your use, this Light is irrevocably under your free will, which is why you must clearly define the ultimate ends to which this Sacred Fire of your Causal Body momentums, abundance, talents, and geniuses will be put, covenanting with your Holy Christ Self to use these to fulfill your Divine Mission.

Amerissis, Goddess of Light, invites you to contemplate the Light that is so freely given. What will you do with all of this Light? You must have a plan to implement every Electron of Light entrusted to your keeping. Each day, each thought is a state of preparation. It takes a conscious discernment on your part to activate the Light through your world. You must become accustomed to Light, must re-orchestrate your life to live in Light, and must want to be in Light. There must be the exercise of processing that Light through the Chalice of your Heart, prepared with right thinking, action, desiring, and attitude. Won’t you prepare for your Office as First Born Son or Daughter of God by studying the Law? Won’t you become gracious, compassionate, benevolent? Can you not extend that Light from your Heart? The more you extend through the Heart, as quickly as it moves out, there is more following straightway. You can never run out of the Light of God — if the Heart is open — and if you choose to be in Light. Follow the thread of the sound of the Light to the Great Central Sun and become Light!