Sunday Service, June 22, 1997
Sunday Service, June 22, 1997

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Discourse: The Living Presence Is Your Source and Abundance delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved El Morya: Follow My Heart's Tone To My Retreat delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded June 22, 1997

Why act in your own worst interest by postponing the Abundant Life of God's Consciousness, not understanding that the Heart of God is your Source? In Truth, you are not your personality, you are your God Identity that is whole and complete and living Its divine life on the inner spheres and in your very Heart. Your God Presence is your Source, the prime mover and motor of your life. You must go back regularly to your Source, and eat and drink that living Presence, or you are running on only a trickle charge of your Crystal Cord energies. When you place your attention on your Presence, there is transferred to you this supreme ingredient of Life, and that substance acting in your four lower bodies will give you the ability to radiate Joy, Happiness, and Creativity. Dipping into that wellspring of your Presence daily will bathe your whole world in the Freedom, newness of Life and Abundance that will transform you and bring you the Victory of the Ascension.

In this unforgettable Dictation, El Morya invites you to follow the Cosmic Tone of his Heart and accompany him to his Retreat in the Himalayas. The Chohan of the First Ray of the Will of God and Chief of the Darjeeling Council envelops you in the Pink Flame of the Love Ray so that you might understand the fullness of his comforting Presence and arrive at his home at ease and nourished in this Flame of Love. After taking you up the stairs and into the foyer, the "camaraderie room" and the Great Hall, El Morya trusts that you will experience enough of his abode in your outer consciousness to desire to spend time with him here receiving instruction on the Will of God. He explains that when the door is opened to his Retreat by your Heart, you allow him the opportunity to be the Guru. El Morya expresses his desire that those in Service at the Heart Center of The Temple be the extension of his Heart and his Comfort Flame to all who visit.