Christmastide in Camelot plus Royal Presence, Royal Will
Christmastide in Camelot plus Royal Presence, Royal Will

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Christmastide in Camelot
with El Morya and the Goddess of Light
Plus Acropolis Sophia:
Royal Presence
Royal Will

2022 New Year's Conference and Acropolis Sophia held in Tucson, Arizona,
December 29,2021 – January 9, 2022

Available as audio download or DVD of audio files

Teachings from the Ascended Masters to Help You Understand the Truths and Principles of the Will of God — and Elect to “Re-become” One With that Will!

Let El Morya Enfold You in the Will of God! And let the Goddess of Light BatheYou in the Light of God! This Double Album is Your Invitation for an Intimate Upper Room Communion with their Hearts! During this landmark 2022 New Year’s Conclave and the accompanying Acropolis Sophia, El Morya and the Goddess of Light create a glorious White Fire, Blue Fire Camelot Experience for all in attendance, dictating multiple times plus welcoming students into their Retreat! Other Ascended and Cosmic Beings, including Omega, Lord Gautama, Sanat Kumara, the Maha Chohan, and the Great Divine Director, all present powerful Releases of their Light, Momentum, and Instruction to help you gain greater mastery in understanding, attuning to, attending to, and acting upon the Will of God! These 32 Discourses and Dictations will help you forge an alliance with the most powerful force in the universe – the Will of your own I AM Presence, which is indeed the same Sovereign Will of God in The Great I AM that is so very, very Good for you and for all Life!

You may click here to download a PDF version of the liner notes for the DVD album.