The Milky Way Overture
The Milky Way Overture

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2014 Harvest Conference held in Tucson, Arizona, October 1-5, 2014

Teachings from the Ascended Masters to Electrify Your Consciousness, Restore Your Sense of Holy Purpose, and Carry You to the Next Plateau of Achievement!

The Ascended Masters offer you a swaddling garment of their Light, Consciousness, and Momentum of Attainment. This remarkable Dispensation of the Milky Way Overture contains every formula you need for your Victory! During the 2014 Harvest Conclave, the Great Divine Director, Saint Germain, Surya, Mother Mary, the Goddess of Liberty, Zarathustra, and other Ascended Masters presented a Golden River of Teachings and Light to spur you forward on the Path to your Ascension. Meet the Consciousness of the Ascended Masters and discover a newness to life! Bask in Bliss as Gautama Buddha brings you to Nirvana. Understand how to discern between Godís Desire and the desiring of your lower vehicles. And, learn how your Causal Body can touch every part of your world with Divine Attainment and Perfection. These Releases will help you stand as a Pillar of Light, radiating the Star of your own God Presence!

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