Royal Presence - Royal Mind
Royal Presence - Royal Mind

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Royal Presence - Royal Mind

2012 Freedom Conference held in Tucson, Arizona, July 4-8, 2012

Saint Germain asks ďAre you ready to truly have Freedom in your life?Ē If so, don your Royal Robes and make ready for the journey! During the 2012 Freedom Conclave, Saint Germain, Apollo, Mighty Victory, Pallas Athena, and other Ascended Masters imparted profound, life-changing instruction to help you understand the Royal, August, and Noble Great I AM in all its vastness and Universality and your own I AM Presence as its regal Individualization. Learn how to have more of the Royal Mind of the One God stream through your consciousness. Receive the Karmic Boardís Dispensation to help you manifest your Divine Alchemies. Discover how you can help the Brotherhood of Light roll back all that is less than Saint Germainís Dawning Golden Age and make the Earth Freedomís Star. These releases will help you claim your Royal Birthright and restore Godís Kingdom upon this planet!