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Invictus! Natal Day of Unconquered Light

2012 New Year's Conclave held in Tucson, Arizona, December 28. 2011 to January 1, 2012

Glory in the Consciousness of the Great I AM shining as the brilliant effulgence of the One Light! Re-experience what it means to stand at that Moment of the Natal Day of Unconquered Light! Before the separate outpourings of Light, Life, and Love there was Lux Invictus, the Firstborn Light of The Good and The One. During the 2012 New Yearís Conclave, the Ascended Masters imparted invaluable instruction on the secret mysteries behind the all-pervading, intelligent, limitless Light of God that creates and sustains the universe. In addition, momentous Releases by the Archangels of the Five Secret Rays will charge you with the Divine Qualities of these Rays, helping you master the Christ Virtues and understand the Elemental Forces of Nature. Learn how to work with Godís Light to increase your Spiritual Power and turn your entire world into Perfection. These Teachings are your guidebook. Joyous Lux Invictus!