El Morya (April 29, 2011) - Special: 10 pack for $5.00
El Morya (April 29, 2011) -   Special: 10 pack for $5.00

Price: $5.00

El Morya Dictation: This is The Work at Hand! You Are Either With Us or You Are On Your Own! On April 29th of this year, El Morya addressed all students and disciples of the Ascended Masters, regardless of their affiliation with any outer Activity. Speaking in the full Authority of His Office as Chohan of the First Ray, he spoke directly to one and all, calling their attention to the Dispensation of Revelation of new instruction on the nature and makeup of the Mighty I Am Presence and the Formulas of Creation. His expectation is for Torch Bearers to carry his address far and wide—to each and every Heart Flame who has the ear to hear.

In order to ensure the swift circulation of this release, we are offering bundle packages of CDs so that you can do your part and spread the Masters' Message. We encourage you to place your orders and pass this Declaration of the Will of the Brotherhood of Light—this Summoning of all true Lightbearers—to all you know and love.