Sunday Service, August 15, 2010
Sunday Service, August 15, 2010

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Discourse: Love Commands Life delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Audio file recorded August 15, 2010

At our Fall Conclave, we will enter into Universal Love as it operates beyond the scene of manifestation as well as through the force of the Individualized Expression of Love coming forth. We are going to study the Divine attitude of the Christ Presence and the I AM Presence of each lifestream in their role as the commanding Presence. This awareness must be practiced and perfected. Students of the Light should never be afraid to demand and command anything that is a Universal Principle of Life because the outer expression of the Mighty I AM Presence is doing the commanding. God Love is an irresistible magnet. When the outpouring of God Love radiates forth, it is both responsive to the one who issues it forth as well as directive to other parts of life that instinctively rush to be near that Love and fulfill the Will of that Love. It is the Mighty I AM Presence that makes the Ascended Master by the lifestream being drawn up into what has always been in the Electronic Body and exalting it. As an Individualization of the One, your Presence is its own limitless Source. Because the Great Sea is the body the Universal Presence uses and there is no separation between the body and the Love of that Presence, this means the Great Central Sun is coming forth to meet you. You don'the have to travel anywhere to find this absolute nature of God Love because every point contains the All. The Acropolis will go into more detail regarding the name of God: I AM. All of creation is a combination of I-ness, AM-ness and I AM-ness. When you combine them, they produce creation in its infinite variety of manifestation.