Sunday Service, August 1, 2010
Sunday Service, August 1, 2010

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Discourse: The One Integrating Consciousness delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Kwan Yin: Surrender and Receive the Dispensations that Await You delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded August 1, 2010

Today we are going to describe to you the All-Pervading Universality of the Presence and its capacity to hold to a Consciousness that never separates into duality but maintains an All-Pervading Oneness. In this regard, we are speaking about the AMness and the universal Presence of the Individual Mighty I AM Presence. This is important because, in your quest for the Ascension, you are seeking entrée back into the One Presence. There is one integrating Consciousness, one Universal Presence that is All-Pervasive, everywhere present in all of its diversity, in all realms of creation. Throughout all of this Universal Being and Presence there is the One Will, and the parts of life not individualized instinctively express that One Will. Once you enter back into the circle of God's Being, you see this firsthand and know this to be true. You on this Path are undoing that initial rebellion that refused to embrace the Laws of Life the One Presence uses to bless all of life. You are awakening to the fact that this separate self is a poor substitute for the glory of the Mighty I AM Presence. This Universal Presence is not far removed but is omnipresent. It is right here whenever your consciousness seeks to put attention upon it. This Presence is very decidedly aware, knowing and intelligent. It is also the very epitome of Compassion, Adoration and Love. You come to realize that, within the circle of this One Being, there is no real sense of battle or struggle because, when the Power of the Infinite is brought to bear against the finite, the finite will yield.

Many of you still struggle, asking why you have not received the blessings of your own God Presence; why the Ascended Masters have not stood in your presence and parted the way for you to see the next step to take. They have indeed stood in your presence and parted the seas of human creation, holding them back long enough for you to see and partake of the Consciousness the Presence of God proclaimed for this cycle. Do not say God has failed you because you have not made room for God. You must make the commitment to be in a constant state of surrender to your own God Presence. Be at Peace in your new-found awareness that all is right within the Presence of God no matter what is exhibited to the contrary in the outer vehicles of consciousness. As Kwan Yin has been speaking, the Karmic Board and each of the Archangels have ratified their assistance to the Sons and Daughters of God, giving their proclamation to draw under the protection of their pinions of Light the innocent and the holy, the meek and the mild, and those who have not been blessed with the awareness of God. For those Sons and Daughters of God who have been touched by the Hand of God and know well where their safety and their allegiance must lie, all is well, all is right within the Presence. There are many Dispensations yet to come for those who know how to surrender to the Presence of God. Let your heart rejoice, keeping your eye upon the goal of your Ascension. This is what is meant by surrendering to God.