Sunday Service, May 2, 2010
Sunday Service, May 2, 2010

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Discourse: Expand the Kingdom of God Where You Are delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by the Beloved Maha Chohan: Be At Peace in the Great Silence delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded May 2, 2010

Our purpose is to open our Hearts and consciousness so the Light, Power, and Substance of the Great Silence saturate our own personal cup of consciousness, and then encompass the entire planetary body with the deep Peace of the Presence. This charge of the Great Silence is a necessary foundation for the building of a permanent life of Perfection and God Consciousness. When you share the consciousness of your own Individual Mighty I AM Presence, you will realize that ultimately this Omnipotent Presence is far more Powerful than all the forces of the world, and you will desire to align yourself with that Force for Good. Our goal is full God Dominion and Mastery over these outer worlds. The Light must be brought down and held here while that Mastery comes to pass. The actions of the Electronic Circle and the Tube of Light are intended to establish a rolling momentum of the Presence superior in magnitude and force to any external force. When your world is hallowed and protected by the outpouring of the Light, your own Mighty I AM Presence is freed of the Law of Octaves, for the correct use of free will liberates the Light of the Presence. There is immense Power in the Buddhic Web to throw out a force of Light and Energy that is an absolute barrier to human consciousness. It not only protects our individual chakras, but all the projects of the Ascended Masters so the building of the Golden Age may come forth.

Your task is to center your consciousness solely and completely in the Heart, for only then are you capable of exercising the tasks your Presence desires. The the purpose of life is the ultimate Mastery over your vehicles of consciousness as preparation for the Holy Christ Presence to unfurl all the colors of your own Causal Body Attainment, adding that momentum to your present life. Perhaps you think there will always be a Dispensation afforded to you. But there is no appeasing human creation. It either is or is not. Your Causal Body awaits the acceleration of your own vehicles so that your Holy Christ Presence may draw forth from that Body of Attainment what is more familiar to your own Heart Flame than the surroundings about you this very moment, which are temporary. But the Causal Body is eternal. Each of your lower bodies has its own Divine Purpose in co-creating with God. This is why you must learn and practice the Virtues of the Christ. This is the process of becoming God.