Sunday Service, March 14, 2010
Sunday Service, March 14, 2010

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Discourse: The Bedrock of God Perfection delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Tara: Breathe in the Consciousness of Akasha delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded March 14, 2010

Today, the Ascended Masters want to empower you to fix your attention and devotion on the bedrock of God Reality, the All-Pervading Universal Presence, that is all about you and that you are free to relate to daily. This is of paramount importance because, unless you have the anchor of God Reality as the Rock upon which you build your life experiences, you may not be able to maintain your Poise and Attunement all the days of your life. The goal is to right now open your Heart and Crown to receive the Radiance of your Mighty I AM Presence and begin to operate in that Realm of Reality known as the Buddhic World. One benefit of this is an awareness of the Patterns of God Perfection. The wonderful thing about these Patterns in the Heart of God is that they transmit the Attributes of the Godhead from out the Great Central Sun. The Divine Presence is conceiving the Perfect Pattern for the solution to every condition and creating the visualization of it. It is important that you enter into the mastery of this process because, as you attune with the Living Liquid Light of these Patterns issuing forth from the One Presence, you can align with that Internal Power. Then you will realize that whatever happens in the outer world is an aberration and not permanent. You can empower your Attunement by studying the Principles of this underlying Bedrock of Perfection, realizing that the White Fire Core and the Buddhic Web extend down to the lowest level of the physical world. Your Decree work is not completed until you know Perfection is present everywhere.

Tara, the Mother of Akasha, sends forth Her Consciousness to give birth in your consciousness to the awareness of the Presence of God where you are. Breathing in the Breath of God as the nourishment of the Light and Love from your own God Presence daily should be sufficient acknowledgement that your God Presence desires your lifestream to be filled with all you can handle at any given time. Do you suppose your Presence is ignorant of your state of being? If there are areas of your life that are untouched by the Hand of God, there must be a reason. Most speak a call and expect that is sufficient. Is not Constancy of Devotion a requirement for the Hand of God to be constantly at work in your life? Is there not a certain Sacrifice that must go forth from your heart to prime the pump, to show your God Presence you are willing to do your part and prepare the chalice to receive what is Divinely Intended? How will you learn Responsibility if you cannot become responsible for your actions, your thoughts, your energy? The Victory of all of your momentums is locked within your Causal Body. But if there is the inability to enter into the Consciousness of your own Christ Presence, you will not be able to receive the transfer of your own momentums of attainment and there will be want in your life. Let your life be so filled with the rolling momentum of Akasha that any time a vibration less than your Holy Christ Presence appears, you instantly catch that negative impulse and allow the flooding forth of your God Presence to fill your being. Breathe in the Body Consciousness of Akasha and receive the transfer of the Awareness of God at every level of your being.