Sunday Service, December 13, 2009
Sunday Service, December 13, 2009

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Discourse: Spiral Up and Into the Dazzling Light of Your Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Meta: Hold the Secret Love Star in Your Consciousness delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded December 13, 2009

When we ask the Masters how to engage lightbearers so their energies are poured into constructive activities that build toward the Dawning Golden Age, They respond to teach the nature of the Presence. Once the connection with the Presence is made and the vision imparted, one is on the quest and there is fulfillment in life. The Masters have sought to eliminate all barriers interjected between you and your Presence. They encourage you to do your utmost to enter into identification with your Presence. This time of year is most proficient for you to accomplish this because of the onrushing tide of Cosmic Light issuing forth from the Great Central Sun. The Masters would have you enter into the spirit of that Cosmic Light and consider that your Presence is capable of radiating forth Ascended Master Light. The first quality of Ascended Master Light has to do with selfless Love. It is born of The One and possesses All of Life, so it is not deficient in any way. It can never be exhausted so it gives and gives. Other characteristics of Ascended Master Light are described.

Meta holds within Her Consciousness the Divine outpouring from the Secret Love Star so that you might embrace the true identity of your own natal star. When you absorb more of these glorious currents streaming forth from your own God Presence, you are able to begin to realize the healing currents that allow for more of your life to out-picture those Divine Patterns of Abundance, of health and well-being, of Peace. This glorious outpouring of Cosmic Light that flows in great Abundance during the Christmastide is the Divine Opportunity for you to heal your own woes of life and move into the Joy present when you are Home in the Light. The more you welcome the Harmony that abounds in the glorious outpouring of your own Heart Flame, the more you perceive how great is the Abundance of God all about you. These patterns of Cosmic Light you drink in nourish your temple so that when you are called to show forth the Light of your own Christhood, it will be present and in lock step to the Divine Will of your I AM Presence. You will not want for anything save the Light of God to sustain you. As you proceed during this Christmastide, won't you hold in your consciousness the Divine Secret Love Star and the glorious outpouring of Cosmic Light that is intended to heal the nations and peoples throughout the world.