Sunday Service, December 6, 2009
Sunday Service, December 6, 2009

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Discourse: Enter into the Joy of the Lord delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Archangel Gabriel: Don the White Light of Purity delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded December 6, 2009

Your feelings must be engaged with the Joy Flame in the center of all creation. This is the dynamo that makes worlds go round. The challenge is to believe the Truth of Cosmic Law. It is the desire of the Ascended Masters that those things your Threefold Flame knows so very well come billowing into the fullness of your conscious awareness, and that there be established for you a flow of Fohatic Love that is a true expression of the giving and receiving between your Heart of Individuality and the tangibility of the Presence of the Godhead. The process of entering into and knowing these Truths firsthand is as simple as rising into the limitless shining Individuality of your own Mighty I AM Presence. It is your prerogative here and now to enter into the Joy of your Lord. The Presence has been eternally about the work of enriching every part of life. Since the Presence is all-knowing and knows you, the Presence can receive your love and extend Its Love to you in an equation of giving and receiving between you and this Universal Presence. So much of all of creation is spun of the wedding of Universal with Individual. You are so formed and fashioned that Perfection is your native habitat, your natural estate. You can touch the White Fire Core which abides an intensity of God Perfection that is never burdened with anything less than Perfection.

Gabriel implores you to divest yourself of your human creation, and don the garment of the White Light of Purity that is the consciousness of your Holy Christ Presence. How difficult many still think this process to be, for you have not applied the disciplines of the Law. But if those disciplines of Cosmic Law would be practiced diligently, you would find more of the Light of your Presence beginning to build within the folds of your garment and have the awareness that God is present to address your every major concern. Mastery is intended to be a process of striving, testing, initiation, and the gradual buildup of Light so that what you gain will be lasting. The Teachings of the Ascended Masters are most practical and afford you the greatest Opportunity for Victory. The more Light you invoke, the more awareness you have that your own Threefold Flame is in constant rapport with the Mighty I AM Presence, allowing you to receive the Presence on the instant. This is the Divine Destiny of every Son and Daughter of God, regardless of the Divine Plan for their lifestream or their karma. Let the reenactment of the Purity of your first incarnation dawn for you as quickly as the Law will allow, according to the sincerity of your momentum of Devotion to God. You must be engaged at every level of your being, for every cell must be in attention to the Light of God, ready to receive the Blessing that is bestowed upon you.