Sunday Service, March 8, 2009
Sunday Service, March 8, 2009

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Discourse: Release of the Ruby Ray delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Kwan Yin: A Recipe for the Dawning Golden Age delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded March 8, 2009

The Brotherhood calls you to join them in sounding forth the Cosmic release of the Ruby Ray, the action best suited to throw off the oppression that besets the world at this time. Training in a series of Sacred Fire actions depicted on the Easter Conference poster is being prepared for you. Once the vision to be imparted in this class is fully registered and etched upon your mind's eye, you may find that, instead of having the world's tumultuous energy roll in on you, you will establish equilibrium within yourself and be able to send forth the Ruby Ray Action on a planetary scale. The Light and pure energy intended for the Sons and Daughters of God has been turned against itself and re-qualified with limitation, doubt and fear, darkness, and the whole gamut of mortal consciousness. The Crystal Cord energy is being misappropriated by the human so that only a fraction of this pure energy can influence the thought and feeling world to accomplish anything worthwhile. And those who have lost their own Light through misuse seek to usurp the Light of those who have cleanly qualified life. The Ruby Ray must go forth as a champion of those who stand for Cosmic Law in public life. The Brotherhood seeks to initiate a worldwide action of the Ruby Ray.

Kwan Yin understands the affairs of your life, for she looks on in Constancy to assist at every turn where the Law will allow. What remains is what you will do for yourself. Have you held in your gaze the forward desire that is the Heart of your own God Presence? Kwan Yin addresses the mental body: "Awaken to the Christ Light! Be filled with the golden Light of Illumination so your body temple may be filled with the Mercy Flame of God." If you give the Violet Flame daily, invoking that Flame into every vestige of your life, it will wash away the unreality of not only the mass consciousness that seeps into your own world, but your returning karma as well, so you might prepare the way for the Flame of the Christ. This preparation will allow all your vehicles of consciousness to have access to the slightest desire of the Heart of your God Presence. As you send forth Love, the Mercy Flame of your own Presence will flow out through your Heart Flame and you will be a blessing to those around you. The Mercy Flame can lift the burden of fear, trembling and doubt, washing clean the garments of each lifestream so that, when the Cosmic Currents of the Helicon flow, there are those prepared to receive that Light. We are in the appointed hour for which you have been preparing your vehicles, for this era demands the Light of God go forth.