Sunday Service, February 1, 2009
Sunday Service, February 1, 2009

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Discourse: The Light of God that Never Fails delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Audio file recorded February 1, 2009

It is your life’s work to steadily elevate the rate of your four lower bodies so they are able to contain and to move with the acceleration of the Light more and more. This Light holds within itself the absolute solution to every problem that may confront you. Remember that the word “Light” is only a metaphor for something more transcendent than what your physical eyesight is able to approximate. You can start to live by the Laws of the Realms of Divine Perfection, beginning in earnest the process of your own Ascension in the Light. The Light of the Consciousness of the One Presence exists throughout all of creation and is continually renewed by the throbbing of the Great Central Sun, producing absolute Good in every single part of creation. When you are lifted up by the Ascended Masters into their Electronic Circle, you experience the Presence of this Divine Light that knows no opposition or duality. This Light is a rate of Vibration that originates in the undivided Oneness of the Presence. If you wish to live, move and operate within the Light of the Consciousness of the Mighty I AM Presence, you will be obliged to banish from your world all that is antithetical to that Light. As you enter into this Consciousness, the Great Sea of Universal Light will become executor of your consciousness, reflecting that which you express.