Sunday Service, January 25, 2009
Sunday Service, January 25, 2009

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Discourse: The Opportunity for Victory delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Serapis Bey: The Flame of God Is at Work for You delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded January 25, 2009

As the Ascended Masters consider their involvement with the mankind of Earth, they must weigh the Divine Vision of the I AM THAT I AM for each individual against the insistence of the outer self to form its own personality. Individually, this is a simple equation, but collectively it becomes very complicated and affects Torch Bearers, who are necessarily part of the collective. The Ascended Masters are about transformation. But most religions state that human beings were born as they are and will never change their nature for all eternity. This outlook removes individual accountability and/or responsibility. The Masters have the greatest Compassion for the indwelling God Self of each individual. When they championed modern democracies across the Earth, it was to liberate those Heart Flames from whatever bondage would suffocate that Flame, preventing it from rising and expressing more of the I AM Presence. The desire was for the Freedom that would lay the foundation for a Golden Age. But God will not long suffer that Light and Life to be perpetuated for mortal conditions. We recognize a Hierarchy that extends beyond human conditions and human opinion. Just passing a law does not change the great Cosmic Law one iota. There is right and wrong, and there must a reformation and transformation of individuals. It is our joy to hold on high the new standard of what an individual is according to the blueprint within the Electronic Body. You may have wondered if you will ever be Victorious. El Morya has explained that the Path remains open because it is certain that you will ultimately win your Victory.

Serapis comes as a reminder that those areas of life that do not rise to the level of Christhood should hold no value to your day-to-day responsibilities. Co-measurement cannot be ignored. Where is your vibration at any given moment? The situations of your life are very real to you, but what is real to your Mighty I AM Presence? Certainly the Threefold Flame of your Heart is burning with the God Qualities of Love, of Wisdom, and the Will of God. In right use, the Threefold Flame can expand, reaching into every vestige of your life. Then you are in the grip of the life that your Presence desires for you. Your vehicles of consciousness take on a new sense of awareness, for you are no longer merely preoccupied with holding together life and limb, but desire to infuse that life with enough of the Life of your own God Presence to change the circumstances of your life. The direction for your life can only come when there is enough tethering within the Heart to know what is divinely intended for you, irrespective of returning karma, for your Presence has the capacity to consume that karma and unreality. The Masters know where there are those engaging in communion with God, and that is when they pour out every possible opportunity, every Dispensation that can be garnered, so there can be as much momentum gained in that moment as possible. Serapis holds with Constancy the Vision for your Victory. He upholds every opportunity that can be given to you individually and collectively.