Sunday Service, December 7, 2008
Sunday Service, December 7, 2008

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Discourse: Live in the Joy of Your Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Archeia Hope: Let Your Heart Sing with the Holy Angels delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded December 7, 2008

Christmas marks the realization of the Divinity of our own selfhood as well as that of Jesus. In ancient times, December 25 was the celebration of the Victory of the Sun. Ascended Master disciples are able to enter into the living Universal Presence of the Great Central Sun, and establish a living thread of contact with the Heart of the Great Central Sun, the Ascended Masters and their own God Self. You need the tangible witness of your own Presence and Ascended Master Light to have the conviction of this Light. Once garnered, no one will be able to strip this knowing and power from you. There is no greater power in your life than your Heartís ability to commune with the Heart of your Presence and the Heart of the Great Central Sun. Once it is enough for you to be in the Heart of your Presence, it is the greatest joy for you. Adjust yourself to the consciousness of the great River of Life, which is overflowing with Power, potency and activity, wafting to you the glorious Substance from the Secret Love Star. Your Presence assesses every person, place, and condition in your world; everything is read in advance by your Presence and, if there is application on your part, your Presence has the Authority to trigger the activation of outpourings from the Heart of your Electronic Body and radiate to the four lower bodies the means to handle those conditions. Once you invoke the Law, the law of your being becomes the Law of your Presence, which is Perfection. Prepare your consciousness for the upcoming class.

Archeia Hope comes bearing the promise and the vow that you are the Christ and, as the Christ, you have within your own Heart Flame all the Qualities inherent in the Heart of God. Then why worry you of those areas of life that seem so confounding? Surely much is given to sustain your life, to allow your Heart to sing with the Holy Angels, to go beyond the necessities of life, and give of yourself to others. As quickly as you focus your attention on the Heart of God, there is no longer any concern of lack for yourself, but only the desire that you might embrace the need of another. This is the example that the Angels hold for you, extending the Consciousness of Hope, of Faith, of Charity. Far too many wish to believe the worst of themselves. But this is the cycle when the Angels stretch forth their hand in greater magnitude to these Heart Flames. An abundance of the Light of God streams forth from the Great Central Sun and legions of Angels, in their respective garments of Light, go out into all the highways and byways to shine the Light of Illumination so all might know and perceive that the Light of God is at work in the land. All the Archeia stand together to assist you in the details of your life so you might have the infusion of each of their Conscious Awareness of God. They commend you to the Heart of God and the fulfillment of this cycle of the Christic Fire, that you might have the mastery and attainment to carry you all through the year.