Sunday Service, September 14, 2008
Sunday Service, September 14, 2008

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Discourse: Attaining the Consciousness of the Buddhic Realm delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by the Beloved Elohim of Peace: Make Ascension Difference in the World delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded September 14, 2008

The Ascended Masters seek to lift each of you out of your worldly existence and hold you steadfast in the intensity of Ascended Master Light and Fire. You are urged to take the temperature of your average feelings on a weekly basis, for students must accelerate their bodies to attune with the Light. The Entire Spirit of the Brotherhood has set aside a quotient of their Attainment, which is waiting to tie into your world. The living Life Substance and Perfection of the Buddhic Realm is described. Within this Realm the Golden Age exists; and already, the portion of your Heart that you share with your Christ Presence and Electronic Body is eating and drinking the essence of this Realm, wherein all sense they are of the same loaf of God Consciousness. It is the Golden River of the Divine Mind of the One God that connects every part of the Buddhic Realm. The Golden River dips down into the feeling world of students and catches them up in a whirlwind of aspiration and enthusiasm that is fired with the charge of Ascended Master Light. In time, as your thoughts and feelings adjust to the pitch of Harmony, of Sacred Fire, and of the Golden River, a new standard will rule your world. A musical meditation is suggested to help students attune with the Buddhic Realm and Golden River. This is our opportunity to accept the Responsibility and act in the Office of the Cosmic Christ to build our own Golden Age of One.

The Elohim of Peace comes to inaugurate a cycle that cleanses each of your vehicles of consciousness to prepare the way for greater Illumination, more Love of God, and the instilling of the divine aspect of your own God Presence into the fabric of your day-to-day life so there can be Peace coursing through every level of your being. You must adopt a discipline for each of your vehicles of consciousness that you will uphold. Put into the Violet Flame those areas of your life that hold no good purpose in the kingdom of your God Presence. What remains following this washing of your consciousness is the Consciousness of your Holy Christ Presence. The Responsibility begins with you and springs forth from your own Heart Flame when there is enough desire for God. When you have disciplined your vehicles of consciousness enough, you are given an infusion of Light that builds a Christic Fire that allows you to stand in the fullness of Peace, even while there is turmoil all about you. When enough students are calling forth Violet Flame, there can be true Peace within the elemental forces of nature. Bringing forth a Golden Age is dependent upon those who will call forth the Light of God. There is so much the Elohim wish to convey to you so that you maintain the Fire and the Peace required to move through this lifetime with enough God Consciousness flowing into your being to make a difference. Open your Heart to the disciplines you must practice for yourself to make a difference for the world.