Sunday Service, June 1, 2008
Sunday Service, June 1, 2008

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Discourse: Place Your Attention on Perfection, Not Appearances! delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Audio file recorded June 1, 2008

Saint Germain maintained that disciples could hold to the Perfection of Ascended Master Light amidst world conditions, sustaining the Thread of Contact with their Presences and holding that connection in spite of the onslaught of worldly distractions and appearances. You can make the determination that your attention will continue to be charged with the Light of your Presence and that you will no longer feed your attention into the lesser appearances of worldly imperfections, thereby binding yourself to them by the lasso of your attention. Through your attention, you pull these appearances back into your life experiences. You must not have your feelings energize appearances or have your thoughts revolve those appearances. The Ascended Masters are ascended today because they made the determination to disengage from the acceptance of outer appearances and invest their attention into their Presences. Know that by not giving lesser appearances power, you are not being cold and uncaring, but you are upholding your Self as a Pillar of Fire and as a solution to these conditions, instead of adding your human consciousness to the problem. Maintaining Perfection in great measure determines if our civilization will go forward into the Golden Age.