Sunday Service, May 25, 2008
Sunday Service, May 25, 2008

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Dictation by Beloved El Morya: I Salute You in Another Year of Victory! delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Discourse: Our Gratitude to El Morya and His Torch Bearers delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Audio file recorded May 25, 2008

On this victorious day, the thirteenth anniversary of the Karmic Boardís Dispensation for The Temple of The Presence, El Morya expresses his Gratitude for your Flame. He salutes you for having the Courage, Strength, and inclination to partake of the Light of Ascended Master Consciousness and to strive for communion with your Presence to carry out your Divine Plan. Morya stresses that you must always be accelerating, which means keeping your Heart open so it may expand. How many of your thoughts are fostering God Good? El Morya instructs you on exercising the Will of God and reminds you of the great opportunity of the Helicon and the Golden River that brings the Consciousness of the collective Will of the Brotherhood closer to mankind. But you must do your part by standing in the Light, being the Light, and accelerating the Light within you. Will you discipline your outer vehicles to be in one accord with the Presence of God? Will you be the Will of God in action? Will you learn how to set aside pettiness, unreality, gossip, misuse of the Sacred Fire? Let your footsteps be those that are quick, elevated in the Light, and moving toward your Ascension!

One of El Moryaís purposes on the thirteenth anniversary of The Temple of The Presence was to radiate the Blue Flame of Godís Will through your world. This enables all of us to work in a concerted effort, whereby the Ascended Masters can pour through that unified attunement however much Light and Fire are needed in the world. There is a corresponding responsibility on your part to be a pillar in Godís Temple, meaning that you maintain your emotions, thoughts, and attention upon the levels of Perfection represented by your own God Presence operating in its Electronic Body. You may call upon El Morya and his Twin Flame, the Goddess of Light, to place that Sword Excalibur in your own hand and allow you to hold to the disciplines of the Path as a Torch Bearer who would serve this world ó to know the difference between God Reality and the unreality of the world, never giving unreality a momentís acceptance or power to disturb you. We are most grateful that you are able to recognize the Vibration of the Ascended Masters and to discern that voice of El Morya. He continues to nurture your Hearts here at The Temple.