Sunday Service, April 13, 2008
Sunday Service, April 13, 2008

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Discourse: Living in Your Higher Vehicles delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved God Harmony: Stand in Harmony and Deepen Your Awareness of God delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded April 13, 2008

As you are able to live more the Ascended Master Way of Life, you will be able to choose the Ascended Master Consciousness as your way of life. You have vehicles of Self Conscious awareness that have never descended into the outer world. As you rise through your Heart into the Christ Presence, you will begin to discover another whole reality in which there is a sense of the All Pervasive Presence everywhere in eternity. Every point of space is an altar where this Presence of God is evident. The Ascended Masters constantly pour forth boundless Love and Gratitude to the Heart of the One Mighty Presence. You also have the awareness of your sense of Self at the level of the I AM Presence. These vehicles can begin to share with you the Consciousness they have preserved for your return into that awareness. You will understand that the Presence is absolutely unified and One and that this One Presence has an astonishing capacity for Goodness and for Love. It is an active force of Love in the universe in a very personal, compassionate way. Every Good ever produced by any Individualization of the Godhead has found its way back to The One. Nothing Good is ever lost. Pray that the Hearts of mankind become hungry for the Living Presence.

God Harmony comes to introduce you to the rhythmic flow of Harmony that can be your way of life. But to adopt such a life, you must reject the human ego and have a desire for the Peace Harmony brings; for the deeper the Peace, the more vast your awareness of God. Until you allow more of the Identity of your own God Presence into your life, you will continue in the same patterns, habits, and unreality. It is the quality of your Attunement with God that is deposited within your awareness. Start with the Constancy of your Heartís Love to enter into this communion and practice your devotions daily. Then you will begin to understand how the fingers of Light work through even the densest, most confounding circumstance to bring about the right solution. You are being asked to bring the Presence of God into your life so you might live more in the Perfection that reigns supreme in the Higher Octaves of Light. When you draw forth the Flame of God that resides upon the altar of your Heart, filling each of your vehicles of consciousness, you know the Presence of God and you stand in Harmony.