Sunday Service, April 6, 2008
Sunday Service, April 6, 2008

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Dictation by Beloved Kwan Yin: How to Become the Truth of Who You Are! delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded April 6, 2008

Bathe in Mercy’s Flame as Kwan Yin instructs you on many things: what occurs when you invite the Light into your life; why you have come into embodiment; how to live a life that is good, Holy, and glorious in the Light; how to be in the Reality of your True Identity as the Christ Light; how to know the true Mercy of God; and how to know the Light of God. She tutors you so you might recognize the Responsibility that is within your grasp and attain to a greater awareness of the Truth of who you are. Stating that your Heart is pure and encouraging you to let that Purity take its rightful place, Kwan Yin requests that you guard your consciousness so you do not allow your outer vehicles to absorb things that take you from the Purity of your Heart Flame. Put the past into the Flame and allow your Heart to chart your future. Kwan Yin asks you to take and ponder what is said from The Temple’s altar. Internalize it. Put it into practice and transfer it to your own Victory!