Sunday Service, July 27, 2008
Sunday Service, July 27, 2008

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Dictation by Beloved El Morya: Love God in All of Life delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded March 28, 2008

El Morya comes to remind you that the Power of God can be released from your God Presence if you will but center your consciousness into the Peace that resides within the fohat. To have a great awareness of the Christhood within your own consciousness, you must be comfortable in the Will of God. If not, there will be all manner of dis-ease within your members. You have the Gift to release the Light of the Ruby Ray. You have the opportunity and the Attainment within your own Christhood. You need only grasp it and make it your own. Love God first. Know that the desire of your Presence is that you love God in life and set that life free. This you are capable of accomplishing ? if you will engage. You must connect with your Mighty I AM Presence and the Allness of God through your lower vehicles so that when you give the command for the Light to go forth, it will resonate through these vehicles. When you experience the floodtide of Light that can go forth when you have determined to be engaged in this holy Work, you will see how a Golden Age can come forth. You can have the Love that your heart hungers for. That Love is right within your own God Presence. The Presence awaits you. And when the Will of God has been ignited sufficiently by the Blue Flame within your own Heart, you will see all of these things come to pass.