Sunday Service, February 3, 2008
Sunday Service, February 3, 2008

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Discourse: Misconceptions in the Writings of Earlier Messengers delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Audio file recorded February 3, 2008

The more you are able to cooperate with the Consciousness of your Presence, the greater will be the action of the Ruby Ray through you for World Service during The Ruby Ray Redemption Ritual. This ritual will demand of you new levels of attunement and of understanding God Reality. To sustain God Consciousness and hold to the Undivided Presence, your awareness must not go down into duality and error and then try to rise back into Perfection. Although the writings of several previous Messengers contain the Radiation of the Masters, there are some misconceptions — and misconceptions about Reality distort your ability to lens the God Consciousness of your Presence. You may desire to refrain from other teachings for a time and fast on pure Ascended Master God Consciousness. Then you will gain the attunement to gauge earlier instruction and see if you still have need for it. Launch into new explorations of your Presence. From that height, you will be able to attune with the One Presence, allowing your thoughts and feelings to fully engage and step down your Presence’s Consciousness and Power whenever your Heart leaps into The Ruby Ray Redemption Ritual.