Streaming the DayStar Chariot
Streaming the DayStar Chariot

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Streaming the Daystar Chariot
Celebrating the Starry Body of the Presence

Teachings that empower you to soar into the Consciousness of your God Presence!

2007 - 2008 New Year's Conclave, Held December 27 - December 31, 2007 in Tucson, Arizona

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Including Addresses by Surya, Goddess of Purity, Krishna, Maha Chohan, Goddess of Light, Mother Mary, and more!

Taste true Freedom and take the ride of a lifetime to the Great Central Sun. Your very own DayStar Chariot, streaming forth from the White Fire Currents of your Electronic Body, stands ready to lift you out of the grip of mortal consciousness into the tangible, immortal body temple of your own Individualized God Presence. Here is your instruction manual. Let the Ascended Masters teach you the formulas for attunement, self mastery, and Attainment, including divine problem solving. Once your lower bodies are disciplined and purified, the doorways of your consciousness open wide for the unmitigated sunlight of your Daystar Chariot to blanket your world in a blizzard of White Light that blesses all of life. Just as the radiant Star of Jesusí Higher Self appeared over Bethlehem, signaling the descent of the Christ, the streaming of your DayStar will herald the birth of the Christ in you!

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