Sunday Service, December 16, 2007
Sunday Service, December 16, 2007

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Discourse: All Answers Reside in Your Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Archangel Gabriel: Keep Your Gaze Upon Your Own Divinity delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded December 16, 2007

Messenger Monroe Julius Shearer addresses three questions submitted for the Fireside Chat the previous evening. The first concerns practical remedies to the economic condition in America; the second concerns why Decrees are not instantaneously producing the desired results; and the third asks whether the Torch Bearers are composed of lifestreams of one of the root races or those who came with Sanat Kumara. The Messenger points out that the answer to all of these questions is in the studentís relationship with their Presence ó and that all are interrelated. The first is a question of supply, which involves calling forth Abundance from your Presence. Although we use Violet Flame and other Decrees to transmute karma, decreeing is not just a matter of getting rid of negatives. The True God Identity must be lowered into this world of form. That requires cultivating a relationship with your Presence so that Masterful Being will take Dominion over every part in your life. Those who are the initial Torch Bearers of The Temple are those who feel the Heart of their Presence beating in their own heart.

The Archangel of Purity comes to remind you from whence you were born so that you will not lose sight of who you are as a Son or Daughter of God. When your God Presence sent these outer vehicles of itself into the world of form, it was intended that you would have a sense of the Fire that burns on the altar of your Heart, that resonates the tone and frequency of your Identity and enables you to have in your outer consciousness enough of that Identity to have the remembrance of the inner call. Do not lose sight of who you are. For when you do, it takes such a great deal of effort on the part of your Holy Christ Self to re-engage with your outer vehicles. At the core of your Being is the White Fire of Purity that must come forth if you are to have the impact you desire from your Heart Flame. As you continue through this Christmastide, keep your gaze upon the Presence of God and allow your spirits to remain in the high Vibration that entertains the Holy Angels of Purity, and you will be prepared for whatever trial or test comes ó to pass it, to overcome it, to move through it God Victoriously.