Sunday Service, March 25, 2007
Sunday Service, March 25, 2007

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Dictation by Beloved Lord Himalaya: Be a Law Unto Your Own God Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded March 25, 2007

Lord Himalaya contrasts worldly attitudes of being a law unto oneself with the true understanding that the Law of your being is your God Presence. The Mind of God impress upon your own outer vehicles the thoughts you are divinely intended to bring forth. But absent the disciplining of these outer vehicles, most of those Divine Thoughts pass by your awareness. It is extremely important that you catch every thought from the Mind of God, hold it dear, and protect it until it brings forth the manifestation your Presence desires. Your path is to become God Good where you are, entering into a greater vibration that connects you with the Consciousness of your own God Presence and allows your outer vehicles to resonate with the tone, rhythm, and Constancy of your own I AM. Give unconditional Love to all, but do not allow anyone’s negative energy into your forcefield. When your consciousness is able to instantly galvanize the Vibration of the Mind of God and hold it firmly fixed in awareness, you will have discovered the real you and the Law of your Individual God Presence.