Sunday Service, February 4, 2007
Sunday Service, February 4, 2007

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Discourse: Perfect Love Conquers All delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Archangel Chamuel: Love and Surrender to God Is the First Priority delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded February 4, 2007

Although we always make calls for world conditions, the downfall of individuals and nations is not due to outer events but to internal strife and disintegration. The Ascended Masters seek to kindle in the Hearts of those who can hear their Voice a supreme capacity to love the God Presence, the White Fire Core of Purity, within every lifestream on Earth. The Perfect Love of the Presence is the reason we serve and strive and that life continues to make sense despite all of the travails. There must be Christ Discrimination and an overpowering Love that forgives and affirms that Purity behind the veil. This Power of Love is exemplified by the Service of the adepts down through the ages and furnishes an everlasting foundation. Our Faith is that this most powerful Force in the universe will roll up every other force that does not make Peace with that Love. The key is at the altar of the Heart and our ability to exalt the best in one another and all of mankind.

The Archangel and Archeia of the Third Ray of Godís Love stand in the Earth to assist you in understanding how to internalize Love within your Heart and propel that Love into a blaze that consumes all negativity, all karma, all that does not stand where the feet of God must be placed as you traverse your pathway Home. This Power of Love must know itself to be Fullness of God in Action, a shield to protect each vehicle of consciousness from assault, for it stands in the Purity and Vibration commanded by the Presence. When you are able to recognize the Flame of God within others, you are able to hold the balance for ills that may still be causing them all manner of struggle or disease. To accomplish this you must first love your Mighty I AM Presence above all individuals, even this outer life as you know it, and surrender to that Presence. This prepares your vehicles to receive the outpouring of the Light and to recognize on the instant the Will of God. The Angels of Chamuel and Charity will part the way for each one who desires to engage more in this Path of Perfect Love.