Sunday Service, January 28, 2007
Sunday Service,  January 28, 2007

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Discourse: The Attributes of Perfect Love delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Lord Maitreya: A Meditation Upon the Path of Perfect Love delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded January 28, 2007

The attributes of Perfect Love pave a Path of Service for a life that is worthy of being elevated in the initiations of the Transfiguration, the Resurrection, and the Ascension. These attributes of Perfect Love cast out fear and allow for feats of Courage. You are possessed of a drive and motivation not there when you are only concerned with self and personal affairs. You do not capitulate and run away but find a way when there is no way. When that Love drives you forward, you have the miracle of transcendence; you have a Heart Flame that leaps beyond the finite into the infinite God Presence — then over the return current comes the Power of the Godhead that is able to accomplish the impossible. You will be astonished to look back at what this Love of God has accomplished through you. This Perfect Love also transforms your mortal identity, elevating you into the nobility and Divinity of your Presence. Then, as you remain polarized to your Presence, you will be a lively stone that is the foundation of the Ascended Masters’ plan for future generations.

Meditate with Lord Maitreya upon the Heart of God so that you might fulfill your earthly sojourn in the right cycle on the Path of Perfect Love. He consumes all that stands between your outer consciousness and the Mind of God by the Ruby Fire so that you might have your Holy Christ Self envelop you and keep you walking this Path of Perfect Love — the Path that leads to mastery over life and rewards you with the Eternalness of your Presence. The Great Initiator reveals how to unlock the Divine Genius within you that will establish this Path of Perfect Love for you. He explains that the necessities of life respond to that Perfect Love. All that is required of you is to take the steps that accelerate your consciousness to be that Perfect Chalice, to receive that Perfect Love, to be who you are — for you are God in Life when that chalice is pouring forth the Light, the Life, and the Love of your Heart. Lord Maitreya asks you to meditate upon your Presence’s Love for you that would lead you through each of the steps required to return home on this Path of Perfect Love.