Sunday Service, January 14, 2007
Sunday Service, January 14, 2007

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Discourse: Transcendent Change Must Be the Order of the Day delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Pallas Athena: To Bring the Golden Age, Elect God's Will delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded January 14, 2007

Change must be the order of the day, a transcendent change that elevates and lifts the entire fabric of society from the worn-out patterns of the past into new patterns. America requires your ongoing prayer support no matter where you call home, for her moral and spiritual decay must be treated, and she must embrace the change that allows more of the Golden Age to manifest. Your Decrees, Violet Flame Vigils, and outreach are important and must continue, for they provide America and the world a reprieve from more and more karmic return, and the Masters plan on this Light. Give your calls to the Violet Flame Masters, to the Elohim, and to the Cosmic Light in an ongoing Constancy of Service, in the full Trust and confidence that, armed with this Light, the Masters will continue to be able to hold the balance. The best hope for the planet is for individuals to rise into the realization of their Presence and to allow their Presence to manifest. Take these Teachings to others and witness to those ready to hear. The vision of the Golden Age is the way for our society to change voluntarily from within.

Pallas Athena seals you with the Sword of Truth and the Emerald Ray that will bring the Golden Age if you will hold fast to Godís Will. Surveying the mass consciousness and the rise and fall of Golden Ages past and future, she instructs that mankindís salvation and the opportunity for another Golden Age starts first with individuals who desire to be God-Free and elect Godís Will for themselves. Stating that you are the Hope of the future and that your forcefield is a vibration that can change the world, Athena instructs that as long as you continue to invoke the Light and transmute your karma, clearing your consciousness, then you will succeed ó for in the consciousness is where battles are lost and won daily. This great Goddess of Truth warns that there is no room for prejudice, fanaticism, negativity, and especially lethargy. She asks you to strive with all of your might ó and you will be God Victorious and tethered to the Light of your Presence. Athena instructs that the more you invoke the Mind of God, the greater the opportunity for the Christ Consciousness to reign in the land.