Sunday Service, August 13, 2006
Sunday Service, August 13, 2006

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Discourse: Transformation of Consciousness through Divinely Ordained Change delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Lord Maitreya: Change Consciousness and Identify with Your Presence’s Perfection delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded August 13, 2006

In this Path of The Teachings of the Ascended Masters through The Temple, the only real goal is that of becoming all that the Presence is. Change and transformation from one glory to another is the order of the Presence. If you and civilization at large are capable of taking the high road of self-correction, able to see the Wisdom of becoming more Divine, then that transformation can provide a stable platform and opportunity for change to occur. If not, then the Holy Catholic medicine of some type of change enforced on the planet is the lesser evil than the continued status quo, which only compounds the karma generated over and over. As you put all your desire into the realization of your Presence, your aura is singled out from the mass karma of whatever changes will happen on this planet. You are building your own microcosmic Golden Age of One in your thought and feeling world. Then, in cooperation with the Elohim and the Ascended Masters, you will wage Ascended Master Light and Peace, which is the best promise for renewed opportunity to continue on this planet.

Lord Maitreya instructs you on how to successfully navigate through life — how to find the Truth you are to follow, and how to reflect the Divinity and Intent of your Presence that will bring your Ascension. Maitreya stresses that change is required, for if there is reticence to change, then the Spiritual Path will be difficult. Without change, you cannot sufficiently transmute the karmic patterns that have kept you in incarnation. You must be able to change in order for your consciousness to perceive and identify with your Presence’s Perfection, for in this identification you automatically begin to shift and change the patterns of negativity and limitation that have kept you locked in incarnation. If you rehearse the Christ Virtues and are receptive to what it is possible for you to attain, then those Virtues begin to open the pathways of right action that activate a release of the Flames of your Heart to be ignited with the Flames of the Elohim. Then the Elohim can send the charge of their Consciousness into your four lower bodies, reordering them into your Divine Pattern, and you will know and wage Peace.