Sunday Service, May 7, 2006
Sunday Service, May 7, 2006

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Discourse: The New Frontier of the Land of Light delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Saint Germain: Journey into the New World of True Freedom delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded May 7, 2006

There is a new land open to you as an Ascended Master student, a new frontier to discover and explore. As Christopher Columbus, Saint Germain went out to unmapped territory and discovered the New World. Now Saint Germain is singing to you of another world he has discovered: the world of the Ascended Masters and the magnificent world of nature so close at hand in the Great Sea of Universal Light. For you, this tangible realm of God Consciousness can be a new frontier available here and now, worthy of your study and exploration. This world is pristine, edenic, primeval, innocent, changeless, and immortal. Your passport into this world is a shift in consciousness into your Heart Flame and the Mind of your Holy Christ Self. This world, which is the body consciousness of the Universal Spirit of God, holds limitless opportunities for you. As long as you are operating in Love and Harmony, you can tap its limitless resources by commanding this Great Sea to produce whatever you need in your life.

Saint Germain offers you a new thought to hold in your consciousness of a land you may enter and absorb, and where you may experience a new sense of Freedom. He enlightens you on what is true Freedom, and on fully tasting the Light and Life of God by entering into this new frontier of the realms of Light inhabited by your God Presence. Saint Germain instructs you on what is required to navigate and integrate these worlds, such as a consciousness willing to perceive a new state of being. He explains that it is the passion for God that will carry you into the inner world and into the Consciousness of your Presence, and if you can remember that the Light of God never fails, it will be the tone to carry you up the mountain to the pinnacle. Saint Germain reveals the Golden Age will come as the frontier of the Perfection of the Mind of God and the Universal Sea of Light is lowered into the more physical subtle realms, and as you become more of that Light in your own life.