Sunday Service, April 9, 2006
Sunday Service, April 9, 2006

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Dictation by Beloved John Paul The Great: Palm Sunday Address: Reaching Intimacy with Godís Heart delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded April 9, 2006

John Paul the Great delivers his first Dictation since his Ascension on May 1, 2005. In this Palm Sunday Address, he instructs on the discipline of entering into communion with the Heart of God, and how to reach that state of intimacy with Godís Heart. He teaches that forging your Christhood requires an intimacy with your own Holy Christ Self. When you enter into the intimacy of the Love of Christ, you understand when it means to be so consumed with Love that all about you takes on a new vibration. When the Consciousness of the Mind of God moves through you, the Heart, by design, overwhelms all other states of vibration. Then you move through life in Divine Grace, making those decisions that keep you in Righteousness according to your Presence.