Sunday Service, March 19, 2006
Sunday Service, March 19, 2006

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Discourse: The Office of Shepherd Templar delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Elijah: I Bring the Anointing Fires of the Christ delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded March 19, 2006

The Office of Shepherd Templar is a Holy Sacrament in The Temple of The Presence. To be a Shepherd Templar is a commitment to thoroughly enter into the Ascended Master Way of Life of Service and Selflessness. To sustain this Service throughout an entire embodiment requires the Virtues of the Christ that will carry that person through all the trials of Service. The characteristics of the Christ as the great Good Shepherd and the great Knight Templar are required. The chief characteristic of the Shepherd Templar is a Heart that is overflowing with an utter selfless Compassion for the children of God and the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth. The initiations of Responsibility, Authority, Constancy, Practicality and Necessity are also necessary, for this is the crucible of initiation that is forging the Ascended Being that will be. Those who aspire to the Hyksos line look to the Office of their own Holy Christ Self, for there is to be found the springboard for this Office of Shepherd Templar.

Elijah brings the Anointing Fires for two new Shepherd Templars, teaching that you, too, are called upon to become anointed in the fires of your own Christhood, putting on the Virtues of the Christ. As you serve the Christ in others, you will have what it takes. You expand your Threefold Flame by giving of that Flame and sacrificing for another. When there is true giving of the Christ, your cup is filled to overflowing by your Presence and the Angels that serve with you. Elijah instructs that to understand what it means to become the Christ, you must have the Marriage to your Presence in the Figure-eight Flow. To maintain this Constancy, there must be the striving of the Heart, and the invocation and surrender to the Light. You must surrender all you are and all you are to become the Flame of God, knowing that God is where you are. As you understand your High and Holy Calling, you will serve the Hyksos line also in whatever way you can.