Follow the Stream
Follow the Stream

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Forging Christhood through the Crucible of Life!

Teachings to Reacquaint You with the Stream of Christ Light from Your Own God Presence, and Help You Follow that Stream to the Great Central Sun!

Complete Set of Audio Files of the 2005 Harvest Conclave

These can be played on your computer or Ipod.

Are you ready for a great cosmic adventure? Are you ready to experience the deepest part of you, your unique blueprint of identity, your Source — your own God Presence that resides within your Heart? Then, once your consciousness is situated within your Heart, you can begin to follow the “Stream,” that flow of Christ Light projected into your Heart’s Threefold Flame by your God Presence! During the Harvest Conclave of 2005, the Ascended Masters delivered incomparable Instruction to help you take the plunge into this Stream of Light, and travel up your Crystal Cord into the blissful world of your Christ Presence and the realm of the Cosmic Christ. And then even higher, into the Great Central Sun! Dare to take this unforgettable journey, and experience the true meaning of the Christ Consciousness that is your Divine Destiny!

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