Sunday Service, August 7, 2005
Sunday Service, August 7, 2005

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Dictation by Beloved Saint Germain: Adopt the Vision of God's Will Through You delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded August 7, 2005

Saint Germain teaches you to have the right vision for making your Presence the Priority of your life. Then all other things that are important to your Presence will come in their right order Saint Germain reminds you of the great opportunity you have in your vision, for what you see within your gaze you may become. Where there is not the striving of your Heart desiring the right momentums of God Consciousness, your Presence cannot override the desires of your four lower bodies. Change your will and change your life. Will your Presence into your life. Invoke the vision of the Will of God for yourself, for you are the only one who can exercise momentums that will take you into a new way of life that embraces life's richness. Once you attain the vision of the Will of God acting through you, the Violet Flame will work ever more effectively to accelerate you into the fullness of your Christhood!