Sunday Service, May 22, 2005
Sunday Service, May 22, 2005

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Dictation by Beloved Lady Master Venus: I Show You the Way of Love delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded May 22, 2005

Lady Master Venus, the Goddess of Love, stretches forth the Light Rays of her Heart to embrace you and help you recognize and understand the Vibration of Love. Joined by Archangels Chamuel and Charity and their Angels of Love, Venus desires you to enter into communion with these Angels and with the Secret Love Star. When you are consciously in attendance to this Flame of Love, the blessings of the Secret Love Star will be abundant in your life. Stating that to know Love is to know God in the fullness of all of life, Venus instructs that Love is a requirement for all the God Qualities to be realized. To know the Will of God and the Wisdom of God, and to truly love, you must know God Love. Accelerate the Flame of Love upon the Altar of your Heart, and all manner of your life can be changed to orchestrate the Perfection of God where you are!