Sunday Service, April 17, 2005
Sunday Service, April 17, 2005

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Dictation by Beloved Kuthumi: Spring Cleaning Is Essential on the Spiritual Path delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded April 17, 2005

Kuthumi comes this springtime in his Office as World Teacher and a Brother of the Golden Robe to present you the key to resolving life's circumstances, to attaining Harmony and Happiness, and to expressing more of your God Presence where you are. Explaining that those things that bring happiness and upliftment are things born of the consciousness of your Threefold Flame, Kuthumi instructs that the greatest health and well-being on the spiritual path lies within your own connection to the Heart of God - putting God at the beginning and end of your day. Stressing that spring cleaning is essential to your spiritual attainment and ability to receive the Resurrection Flame that will elevate your vehicles, Kuthumi urges you to treat your four lower bodies with the Violet Flame to clean out the debris in your consciousness and allow you to move with greater ease within your Holy Christ Self. And, as your vibration is stepped up, you become closer to God's Heart and God's family - the Ascended and Cosmic Beings, elemental life, and your brothers and sisters incarnate.