Sunday Service, December 5, 2004
Sunday Service, December 5, 2004

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Discourse: Ecce Deus versus the Terrible Too’s of Human Consciousness delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Audio file recorded December 5, 2004

Life is a vast drama, and its purpose is "Ecce Deus" - behold the God-Realized Man or Woman. Your own God Presence is forging an image of itself in this outer world, and you are its great work. The human mind discounts the Truth, Goodness and Perfection of the Presence, stuck in the stage of the "terrible too's" - the Presence is too good to be true, or too Perfect, too easy, too pure, and/or too simple to be true. Your belief in the Truth of your Presence is what unleashes its magic into this world. Saint Germain called it the "Magic" Presence, so students could sense the infinite possibilities open to them through their own God Self. Get your thoughts and feelings to have that indomitable sense of your Presence. The Masters will help you sense the Perfection, Purity, and Simplicity of Life. Give yourself permission to be the joyous little child again, the "Divine Man-child" operating from the throne of your Presence.