Sunday Service, November 14, 2004
Sunday Service, November 14, 2004

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Discourse: What "The Ascended Master Way of Life" Means delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by the Beloved Maha Chohan: Attend to Your Three Fold Flame and Know God's Love delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded November 14, 2004

Living the Ascended Master Way of Life means that your life is brought into conformity with the way life is lived by the Ascended Masters. For you, the Ascended Masters are Real; the I AM Presence is Real; and the Path is Real. You zealously identify with the Perfection of your Presence; zealously surrender all to your Presence (knowing all you need in life is within that Presence); and zealously embrace the precepts of Cosmic Law. As you make the Destiny of your Presence your own Destiny, leaving behind your old way of life, you will not only have the Light of your God Presence, but you will also have the support of the Ascended Masters. For those ready for this Life, the Ascended Masters are instantly ready to walk every step with you, moving heaven and earth so you can accomplish that Victory. It is up to you to decide and make the commitment.

Wrapping you in the swaddling garment of his Comfort Flame so you might have a closer embrace by your own God Presence, the Maha Chohan reminds you that it is your right to externalize your inner Divinity. Instructing that you must make room for the Christ, he states that if you are steadfast and allow your Heart to unfurl, then you can put on the everlasting garment of your Christ Self! The Maha Chohan reveals that you are surrounded by Holy Angels in attendance to your Threefold Flame - but you must keep the watch with them, placing your attention upon your own Heart Flame and nourishing it. Then you will know the Touch of God, the Voice of God and the Love of God. He asks you to allow the Light of your Presence entrée into your life, so your daily contemplations will be filled with all the Blessings inherent to your true God Identity.